G-d’s Permissive Will

In one of the earliest entries here at “loosed woman,” I made mention of being told after making a life changing decision as a teen, I could live out my days in “G-d’s Permissive Will,” and I promised I would address the topic.   My life changing “decision” was fornication, that ultimately resulted in motherhood.  I used to believe it was an heretical teaching from the pit of hell, and for many it has served to be exactly that, but what man spoke for evil in my life, YHWH has used for good . . .  In a nutshell, G-d’s Permissive Will is the Protestant version of Purgatory while you’re still alive.  It’s the belief that a wrong decision after having said “the sinner’s prayer” removes G-d’s call and purpose for your life.  That can clearly be the case, if one doesn’t repent, but to present it to young people as some sort of life sentence has actually driven many away from G-d, or to a worldly solution, and is absolutely anti-Scriptural.   As it turns out, neither “permissive will” or “the sinner’s prayer” are actually Scriptural.  That’s not to say, bad choices do not come with consequences, because they do.  “Reaping what we sow” is absolutely a Scriptural truth!


Peter denied even knowing Messiah that Passover night of His trial and yet preached a mighty sermon a little over seven weeks later on Shavu’ot.  He continued in ministry for the rest of his life, even writing two letters that were canonized.   Clearly he didn’t wait to die in “G-d’s permissive will.”

David pulled a couple of major “big sins” like adultery and murder, yet was referred to in the New Testament as a man after G-d’s own heart.  Even in wanting to build the Temple for YHWH, it was not his sins of adultery and murder that prohibited him from being the builder, but the fact that he was a warrior, rather than a king of peace.

Back a little further, we’ve got to wonder if Jacob’s deception of Isaac for the blessing didn’t cost him 20 years and basically the same dishonest stunt pulled on him with the wrong sister for the wedding . . . Yet his name was still changed to Israel.  Of course there are consequences for sin, but YHWH forgives those who repent and His plan still stands.

Abraham is one of the first examples of just how anti-Scriptural this “G-d’s permissive will” teaching actually is and how horribly detrimental it can be.  Abraham clearly made several wrong choices when it came to matters of intimacy.  Now, you may argue that this was before written Torah and that would be correct, but by the same token, the man heard G-d’s voice and he knew enough about the “rules” or laws of matrimony to misrepresent his relationship with Sarah, not once but twice in his travels.  He also referred to Hagar as Sarah’s property, rather than a second wife, so . . . Abraham could hear the voice of El Shaddai, and he clearly understood right from wrong.  Even the heathen king asked why he’d lied about Sarah’s identity and Abraham knew enough to walk through the loophole.  Now back to Abraham not having to settle for “G-d’s permissive will” and the conviction I felt when the revelation hit me.

What if after Abraham’s fiasco with Hagar and the birth of Ishmael, Abraham just settled back into G-d’s perfect will waiting to die?  If the child with Hagar prevented Abraham from completing the plan or purpose, then all of history would be different.   Ishmael, the father of Islam was already here, but Isaac would never have been born . . .  When that revelation hit me, I gained an entirely new perspective.

This protestant teaching of “G-d’s permissive will” is heretical, no doubt, but by the same token; it kept me from ever returning to the denominations that hold to that teaching, which spared me from missing the plan and purpose of our Creator.  Sadly, I let it keep me out of the purpose and plan for a time, and I even made more mistakes and bad decisions, but at the moment I knelt before the Creator of the universe and asked forgiveness, He granted that forgiveness and restored me to His plan.  In all fairness to those believing the falsehood of waiting to die.  I continue to experience the heartbreaking consequences of my sin, but I’m not about to miss my part in G-d’s plan for me, now.  The world continues to experience the heartbreak of Abraham’s decision and child conceived with Hagar, but the world also has received the Messiah through lineage of the child of promise.

I’m so thankful I got back to the plan before I was 99!

   For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says YHWH, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
For the gifts and calling of G-d don’t change. 





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